Thursday, October 11, 2007

Inching Artists - Rust

I'm hopelessly behind schedule here, but Inching Artists has miraculously not been updated yet, so I'm going to sneak this one in past-deadline.

I used hand-painted paper with a rusted, corroded look. Actually, it's scrap paper that I've been hoarding, I really liked the random way paint was slopped over it. Also used lead light tape to highlight the words - that tape seems to get mottled and tarnished very easily, but I really like the colour.


Julie H said...

Hi Danielle
I have just browsed your entire blog and love your work!
I will be back.

Debbi Baker said...

Danielle - they are fabulous! I'd love to see that background on a large piece .

katelnorth said...

I like these a lot, Danielle - and you'll be pleased to see that although Inching Artists has been updated now, it's only one theme until the end of the month (and your rust ones would work well for this theme, too)

joanne wardle said...

great inchies