Monday, November 12, 2007

Inchies and Presents

Ah. I see from Inching Artists I have lost a WHOLE WEEK! I though the theme for this week was Housies, but that was actually last week's challenge.

Well, I had lots of fun making them, anyway:

Oh well, I can get on with the new theme now.

I was very lucky to receive goodies in the mail:

Two fabric postcards from the Quilty Conscience swappers - the one with the hearts is needle felted, and made by Coralie Barker. The dreamy blue and silver one is by Debbi Baker, and is painstiks under organza, and delicately beaded and edged in silver. Very inspiring stuff. Debbi also sent the lush ATC made with painted lutradur, and because she's a lovely person who thinks of these things, she also included some samples of Lutradur to play with. (Thanks, Debbi! I'm really excited about having a go with those soon.) That's Debbi's decorated envelope that the goodies are sitting on.

I've got my own postcards on the boil. This month we're using Beryl Taylor's painted paper fabric technique as the basis for our designs, and I've been trying this and that and think I've landed a design I'm happy with.

And my NaNo effort moves apace:

Saturday, November 10, 2007

November is a special time

November is National Novel Writing Month. (National, I think, refers to the internet nation at large.) Basically, you have thirty days to get fifty thousand words down in some kind of narrative.

For the rest of November, art will be carried out in the odds and ends of moments when I'm not cramming words onto the screen.

I feel like a zombie. I may actually have become a zombie, and not noticed it.