Thursday, September 4, 2008

My post-box over floweth!

First, a disclaimer. My spacebar is broken - it fails every third or fourth time, so I'm having to go back and put the missed spaces in manually. Apologies for any words I've run together.

All the following art I've received recently in the mail for various swaps.

Here's the collection of pages for my chunky angel book. I've yet to make a cover for, but I love looking at them en masse like this. What a mountain of inspiration!

In Stamphappy's 1-4-1 ATC raklist:
Vicki Whittington - thank you! It did make me smile.

Carolyn Weiss (the foil background is actually royal purple - the camera sees it as blue, which is very mysterious.)

Lynn Gosney - the beautiful pearlescent finish on this card is also not showing up too well. It's very pretty, though.

Linda Aldred - lovely background made with beadz.

Janet Gardner - a lovely, sparkly flapper.

Melanie Smith - this sweet little girl is called Denice, apparently.

Barb Conroy - I love this gang of cowboys, they look like such rascals.

Look! My mum (Loretta) sent me an ATC, too. It's made with some kind of new magic film stuff that I've never used, but find very fascinating; it has all the colours of an oil slick.

Quilty Conscience postcard from last month's challenge which was painted fabric:

Karin Hutchinson - love those lush, red flowers.

Stephanie's sandy beachscape

Coralee's postcard, which reminds me of a lavish corset. (I'm seeing corsets everywhere, probably because I'm very into this month's theme, which is drawn from the movie Marie Antoinette.)

Debbi Baker's lovely stencilled bird. Another one where I wish the sparkle came through on screen. It shimmers.

Debbi also sent this gorgeous fabric ATC with our postcards. I feel very lucky!

The best thing about being in all these swaps is the gorgeous, gorgeous stuff that appears in my mail box. Yay!