Thursday, October 11, 2007

Experimenting with fabric paper

I'm in a fabric postcard exchange, and this month we're to use Beryl Taylor's technique of making a stitchable fabric with collaged papers. There's instructions for this Cloth Paper Scissors #1.

I've never been good at following instructions.

I forgot the top layer of tissue paper that's supposed to hold everything down, so the paper flaked up once it was dry. It looked good, though, so I stitched it down again with an orange variegated thread.

It's going to be handy for cutting into pieces - I've already made a card from it, for a non-crafting blogger friend.

And I've got a few more pieces done correctly that are drying outside now.

1 comment:

Debbi Baker said...

You really made me laugh with this post! But look, it worked out anyway and is really lovely - great colours. Look forward to seeing the postcards. Starting mine tomorrow...