Saturday, September 8, 2007

Getting the hang of Blogger

It's not too bad, Blogger - I really like the adaptability of the layout, and the ability to drag around components of my blog. I wish Livejournal had that. On the other hand, Livejournal does have a huge networking capacity - and I really miss the friends list aspect of that system. I've created a blogroll, which I can add links to with an applet in my bookmarks folder, and it notifies me when people have updated their blogs. It's not the same as having LJ compile a list of the most up to date posts on my fandom blog, but it will do for now.

So post some art, woman!

I'm posting the alternative header I made on photoshop for Dansnark Art; the one that didn't fit the Blogger proportions. I thought of this as I was picking through collection of samples of Black Phoenix Alchemy perfume oils that I got with my last order, and toyed with the bottle labeled Siren.

The oil was very musky, not the fragrance of an ocean-dwelling Siren, I suspect. So I'm wearing Sudha Segara, which smells like nutmeg and condensed milk - it makes me think of a spice-carrying pirate ship.


scoured said...

Have you considered an RSS feed reader? (That's how I saw this post.) I've been using Google Reader recently and I really like it. Something to think about, at least.

The colors in that header are lovely.

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Danielle - thanks for dropping by my blog. Best bit - now I know you have started one! It looks great and I love both headers. Glad to hear you are getting back into your art! PS I'll be back.