Monday, September 10, 2007

The art is getting smaller

I'm going to sound like a creaky old woman when I say this: I remember when people started making ATCs, and a canvas of 2.5 by 3.5 inches was so tiny after working on books and cards. An ATC seems like an acreage now that I've worked on my first Inchie.

It's made from a tiny scrap of crazy quilt - I'm making some CQ ATCs right not also. I made it for the Spiral challenge at Inching Artists. I hope it's not hideous, and that I haven't broken some unwritten rule by making mine from fabric, because I'm going to post a link to it at the Inchies challenge.

Here's one of the ATCs - the silk ribbon binding looks terribly wonky in the scan. It's much better in real life. Really.


Debbi Baker said...

Danielle - the inchie and the ATC are both SO beautiful - I love the colours and patterns and everything about them really. I am sure there are no rules with inchies other than size - this was my first go at paper ones as up until now I have only done fabric ones (although I didn't bead all around them - that takes incredible patience and very nimble fingers!!)

ATCLindaB said...

fantastic inchie! I am thrilled you have submitted :)

catharinas-love said...

I love your ATC very much and also your inchie

crissi said...

wow they are both gorgeous so much work one the inchie and the ATC is beautiful to