Saturday, September 22, 2007

The busier one gets, the more one puts things off

I need to be writing for this fanfic challenge - I foolishly took on a last minute pinch-hit to help the organisers out without really considering that I'd have to write the darn thing in two days. So, naturally I'm posting to my art blog, where they can't see me and know that I'm running around in a bit of a tizz.

I made some ATCs to tuck into cards going out to various friends who are having rough times at the moment - it was so nice to make a few simple cards and decorate envelopes. It's something I had forgotten that I enjoyed so much.

We have a new colour laser printer, and I printed some images onto vellum - they worked out well. It's a huge monster of a printer, though, and we don't have table space for it, so it crouches on the floor like a toad.

Things I'm excited about:
The new Temeraire novel is released soon. The first three were brilliant fun to read - a re-imagining of the Napoleonic War fought with an Aerial Corps of dragons. Very much my cup of tea.

My new lap-top that has been ordered, and should arrive on Tuesday. Until then, I have to perch on the rickety chair in the kitchen to use the desk top.

Thea Gilmore singing 'Bad Moon Rising'. I love her voice.

Dale at the Thread Studio having Hot Textiles in stock before Amazon. Go Aussie suppliers!

I think that's all the excitement I can take. Also, should be writing.


Debbi Baker said...

Yep - I couldn't agree with you more! And you really crack me up the way you write. I had a totally "off" day yesterday and it is very frustrating as I had deliberately taken a day's leave on Monday so I could get through everything I am currently committed to. And of course I am now back to just the two days to d o it all as I wasted yesterday! And I am reading blogs instead of getting started (what id wrong with me??)Your ATCs are delicious - one of teh reasons I love having a blog is that it makes me do smaller, simpler stuff again - I had got too caught up in big projects or arty stuff where everything seem to be complicated. Enjoy your Sunday writing!

Magickdiva said...

Fabulous ATC's - my favourite is the framed one!