Thursday, September 6, 2007

The first post is the hardest.

I've been on an art hiatus for most of 2007, and now that I'm poking around the arty end of the internet again, I see that art has moved to the blogosphere. I couldn't be happier about that! I'm not so familiar with Blogger, but I hope to be getting the hang of it soon.

So, best to post some art, I think! Apart from making myself a header and user photo on photoshop for this blog, I made an altered book for my Mum's birthday. I'm using photos posted at my new Flickr page - I usually use photobucket, so hopefully they won't be all hugemungous and weird.

The cover was collaged with various papers and coloured with dye inks and paints. I used gesso to soften the intensity of the colour.

This book was a quick and dirty alteration of an old cross stitch pattern book from the seventies. Because I was doing it fast, I only made two spreads, and used the entire book block to make a niche page.

This year, Mum's birthday coincided with the lunar eclipse. In the lead-up to the event, there were reports that the moon would be red in colour, and red tones crept into my work.

Okay, I think I'll hit the post button and see what happens.

ETA: That doesn't look right!
ETA again: Let's try it again!
ETA the third: Third time's a charm...

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