Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Treasure From Afar

I've been quite busy with misdaventures at work - a tire detached from a moving car and hit the front door of the shop, smashing the window and bending the front strut out of alignment so that the door no longer closed. Nobody was hurt, and it's all fixed now, but we were quite the buzz in our sleepy country town.

I see that I have a bazillion blog posts to catch up on now - I'll save those for tomorrow at work, but I wanted to post about my exciting presents. I had two lovely surprises in the mail this week - though one was actually hand delivered by my dad.

Firstly, I received this beautiful ATC from Domito. We both agreed to make a fabric ATC for the season, (Spring for her, Autum for me), and this was the lovely result.

And Dad brought presents for me from Mum's holiday in Hong Kong:

Shiny, glitzy fibres

Delicate butterflies made from feathers

Luscious papers

And the most delicate little glass teapot

Thank you everyone for these beautiful presents - I feel very spoilt.

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