Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back from a whirlwind tour

I'm back from my weekend in Melbourne, and thoroughly recovered. It was great to do a class, let alone one with the amazing Nina Bagley. My hands were very sore after crimping and twisting wire all afternoon, but it was worth it to learn how to drill through those treasure I've been hoarding for years, and how to go about turning them into beautiful jewellry.

It was also great for me and Stephanie to catch up with our tiny quilting group, Quilty Conscience: Debbi Baker, Coralee Barker, Karin Hutchinson and Ruth Kelly (plus assorted friends and family!). We had a great meal, a bit too much wine, and lots of conversation. It was so amazing.

We also swapped postcards, for the last theme, which was "Home".

Here's mine:

It's a fabric paper collage background, with a tiny house made from painted black paper, and itsy little sequins which are imported by , judging from the address on their label, but looking at their site, they appear to be wholesale only. I'm finally getting the hang of the zig-zag edge; this is the first time I've actually been proud of it.



And Karin's, which is just so lovely, I keep stroking the satin slippers. Oh, there's no place like home!

I made a fabric book to keep my postcards in. I really like having them accessible. We don't have much wall space in our livingroom studio, so I worry about keeping them on the table where paint is splashed around. They're nice and safe in this little booklet, and I can keep adding pages at the back as my collection grows.

Here's the inside, with one of Debbi Baker's beautiful postcards.

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Debbi Baker said...

Hi again Danielle! It was fantastic to catch up and meet in person (nearly two and a half years since the last time) - love your postcard book (a great idea!).