Monday, August 25, 2008

Blog Award!

I haven't posted for a while! I've been on holiday from work - not with big plans to go anywhere, but taking lots of day trips and overnighters to places. It's been lots of fun, and very relaxing. Also, Daylesford is very, very, VERY cold at this time of year. *shivers* Thank goodness for electric blankets.

I've been very lucky - one of the newest bloggers I'm reading lately has nominated me for a blog award. Thanks Diane!

Here are the rules (or guidelines, as I prefer to think of them):
1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Link to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate seven blogs you love to read
4. Link to those blogs
5. Let those bloggers know with a comment that they've been nominated.

People I've nominated - please don't feel obliged to do the same. These memes are fun to do, but sometimes they can feel a bit like a chain letter. I can talk for hours about the blogs I love to read and why, but the people I've nominated shouldn't feel pressured to do the same.

Seven blogs I love to read! (Only seven? That's hard.)

The first person has to be Debbi Baker. Her blog got me into blogging about my art, and probably helped me get my feet solidly under myself after my hiatus from art. She's a great insipiration, artistically and as a friend. She's a great Aussie artist, we've been in swaps together for a long time, and I'm really glad to have her blog on my reader. Thanks Debbi!

France Chevalier's blog is fun and entertaining, a bit like an awesome, eclectic cafe that always suprises you with the menu. There's art - at the moment, France is doing some great polymer clay work with jewellery and Krafty Lady molds. Sometimes there's recipes, sometimes there's philosophy, she always has interesting links to places I wouldn't normally come across while browsing. Her blog is a cool, chatty place to hang around.

Julie H makes the most astoundingly gorgeous found object jewellery, actually, her blog is chock full of to-die-for art. I love her blog for the visual inspiration it provides, but also I love her posts about her home and her pets. It's a very grounded place, very inspiring.

Barb P is another friend from the email list days. (Listen to me being all nostalgic when those lists are still going strong!) Barb makes gorgeous cards, loves to try new techniques, and frequently goes travelling on great adventures.

Inspirato is Stacey Apeitos' blog. Stacey is an innovater, no matter what she's working on. She's the organiser of the fabulous Paperific conventions, which are so good that they nudged me out of my hobbit-hole and all the way to Melbourne to attend.

Annette Husband is a phenomenal artist from way, way up north. Her art is lavish and colourful, and she makes wonderful video tutorials to explain some of her really clever techniques. She does amazing things with Opals and beeswax and paint. She's a bit of a crack-up, too, sometimes!

Creativ Spirit is Rob's blog. She's recently taken over as list-owner for my favourite new email-group, Chunky Books. I have one of her pages in my first book from this groups! We follow a lot of the same challenges, I think, like Gothic Arches. I've only recently added Rob's blog to my reader, but I'm already enjoying it.

I have some art to post later but for now, I'm going to be catching up on everyone else's blog - you guys have been so busy!


France said...

Oooh, I came across that award earlier this weekend, and thought "that's such a cute one"! Thanks so much Danielle! I'll put on my thinking cap (later this week) and "meme"!! I've been tagged before but I think this is my first award :)
Coming from one of the Lilac Girls... wahoo!!! It brings me back to my first foray in rubber stamping, when I was so in awe of yours and S's talent, and I still am!!! :) xxxxx (and yes, aconite -> homeopathy, I put a note in the text too!) - ttys :)
and THANK YOU for thinking of me, I'm so glad we got back in touch!!!

Diane said...

Hi Danielle,
I love the way you set your blog awards up with a short note about why you selected certain blogs. Your blog is very nice & I am on my way to check out all your picks. Have a great day!

Julie H said...

I tried to leave a comment last night but blogger and I were not getting on.
I am so blessed by this nomination, mostly to see my blog through someone elses eyes (like most of us I am my worst critic) and also to be included with so many women I admire. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

cockatiels & Inspirato??? Make that cocktails & Ispirato!!


AAhhh thanks Danielle
made me laugh with your notes on us all.This award has been given to me 5 times and I have not posted about that on my blog because I would only have to give back to givee's ...just like you *grin*