Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stamphappy 1-4-1 Swapping

The 1-4-1 ATC swap on Stamphappy is loads of fun - this week I received a gorgeous card from Val West, with bright colours on gloss cardstock.

It came in the most adorable little folder, which is just the nicest touch to a surprise gift.

I had made some ATCs to send, but Val's little folder made me feel sad about slipping my own cards into an envelope with nothing but a clear plastic slip. So I painted and stamped some library pockets for them.

Last weekend I had a blitz of crafting activity that may or may not have anything to do with the hard drive failure of my laptop. *is shamefaced* There's an amazing amount of time to fill when you don't have that neat little machine sitting right in front of you.

The backgrounds are newspaper, painted and re-painted to get lots of layers and depths and texture.

The stamp for the background is by Stampers Anonymous, one of those big stamps you can't live without for a nice, baroque look.

I've got a bit of a thing going on with flowers right now. And butterflies, which is a natural progression of thought, I suppose. And the moon. And I've never really let go of that fascination with the moon.

I really like doing this messy, wobbly edging with gold paint - it doesn't require great accuracy, and it reminds me of the aged edging you get on some vintage postcards.

Actually, there's quite a lot of ATCs here - it was an extremely satisfying day of work.

Two of these are returns for RAKs sent, and the others are all going out as RAKs for the 1-4-1 swappers. I haven't sent RAKs for a couple of years. It's fun!

This one doesn't really have a spot between her eyebrows. I think it's time to clean the scanner glass. Again.

One of these cards is not like the others... I had this one partially assembled for a long time, and riding the wave of creative energy, I finished it off. He's made from scraps from a zetti swap that I couldn't bear to throw away. Zetti scraps - I suppose you could call that zetti-confetti.


NessH said...

wow certainly had a very productive the ATC's and yes u r so right about how much u get done when you dont have the laptop on in front of you..haha..

Anonymous said...

Love your ATCs and library folder Danielle, they're just gorgeous! :0) xx

Debbi Baker said...

My goodness Danielle - what a wonderful productive time you have had!! And such gorgeous ATCs. Love the library pockets too - beautiful colours.

Heather Robinson said...

Danielle, I am fascinated by your "messy edges". I would never have thought to do this but the effect is simply gorgeous! What a delight to have found your blog. Thanks for leaving lovely messages on mine.

Simone said...

The ATC are gorgeus, lovely and extraordinary. You have a very nice blog, I will come later to visit again.